What is a Powermix Treatment and how is it different from any other hair conditioner?

The technology of a Powermix is that it strengthens the inside of the hair and also smooths down the outside.

loreal-powerdose-conditioningOK… So picture one strand of Dry, Damaged hair. The cuticle is wide open and the inside has lots of potholes.
A Powermix works inside the cuticle, filling the potholes (to strengthen the integrity) and a cement type of ceramide smooths down the cuticle.

Benefits of a Powermix Hair Treatment

  • A Powermix works from the “inside-out.” A regular conditioner just puts a waxy coating on the outside.
  • Takes only five minutes in salon, you will feel a immediate result.
  • Last up to ten shampoos and much longer with the home maintenance prescribed.

Special Combo: Combine our Powermix Treatment and Smartbond Hair Conditioning for $40!

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At Tei Salon, we use L’Oreal Professionnel Products for our Powermix Conditioning Treatments. Learn more about L’Oreal Professionnel line of in-salon products.